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Suisse ECONOMY: The outlook has become gloomier

Verantwortlicher Autor: ZéLuis F. Correia Bern, 17.09.2019, 20:59 Uhr
Nachricht/Bericht: +++ Wirtschaft und Finanzen +++ Bericht 761x gelesen
The outlook for the Swiss economy have worsened. Businessman going downhill.
The outlook for the Swiss economy have worsened. Businessman going downhill.  Bild: Jack Moreh

Bern [ENA] Economic forecast by the Federal Government’s Expert Group – autumn 2019 -- The Expert Group is revising its expectations for the Swiss economy in the coming quarters slightly downwards. Weaker development than previously assumed is anticipated for the global economy and uncertainty is high.   [Full story...]

Artificial Intelligence and law enforcement

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Vienna, 18.09.2019, 14:04 Uhr

Rome/Vienna [ENA] The theme of “Artificial Intelligence and law enforcement – an ally or adversary?” is the focus of the 2019 OSCE Annual Police Experts Meeting opening on Monday, 23 September, 09:30, at the Hofburg, Vienna. Law enforcement experts and other criminal justice practitioners, OSCE delegations, representatives of regional and international organizations, technical specialists, and researchers, as well as civil society   [Full story...]

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