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Qatar offer to advance education technology innovators

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Frankfurt [ENA] The Qatar Foundation has opened submissions for its 2019-2020 Accelerator program supporting high potential education technology initiatives. According to the Doha-based institution the 24 ventures from 15 countries it supported to far were able to raise over US$28m in investments or donations since selected by the Accelerator. All one year-old profit and non-profit initiatives could apply.

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of the foundation, aims at developing innovative education technology initiatives that show high potential for scalability and positive impact. Each year, members of selected initiatives are chosen to join the one-year program, which offers tailor-made support designed to address challenges that hinder their growth and the scaling-up process. In addition, the WISE Accelerator connects participants to an international education network to share knowledge and gain the support of potential partners, donors, and investors during international events organized by WISE. Participants are also paired with mentors who are leaders in education technology.

The last program cycle included organizations like the Lebanon-based initiative ‘Tabshoura in a Box’, which supports children from underprivileged communities by providing access to quality educational content in digital format; CamBioScience (UK) that uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning in the medical field; Pixis of France, an online platform aiming to become the college counselor of the future through the use of artificial intelligence and data science, and Doc Academy of the UK, an education program using documentary film as a stimulus for learning and debate. Deadline of the new submission period is 4pm GMT on April 30.

Leading experts in education and social entrepreneurship will support the WISE Accelerator team during the selection process, and selected candidates will be announced in September. The program will commence at the WISE Summit in Qatar in November. Applications can be submitted at Initiatives addressing education challenges through the use and/or design of technology in all sectors and regions are welcome to apply. Ideal candidates must be initiatives at an early stage of development; with a growing number of beneficiaries or customers; existing revenues; a dedicated team with an established physical space or office and deep knowledge of the market.

Key milestones of the yearlong program include: the kick-off in Doha with workshops and master-classes; an assessment to determine priority needs and identify ways to address them, plus tailor-made mentorship and training, combining face-to-face meetings and mostly distance, personalized sessions. Participants also benefit from communication and exposure throughout the year via WISE media platforms and international events. The program closing again would offer international visibility as past events in Paris, New York or Madrid had demonstrated, the foundation stated on its website.

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