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70 years of diplomatic relations: Italy and Indonesia

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Rome [ENA] On the occasion of the Seventy years of diplomatic relations between Italy and Indonesia H.E. the Ambassador Esti Andayani organized on 16th January a press conference in Rome. Indonesia and Italy will cooperate in various activities to commemorate the 70 years anniversary of diplomatic relations. In 2019, in April, the people of Indonesia will cast directly their votes to elect their regional parliamentarian

members, national parliamentarian members and the President of the Republic. Indonesia is currently the third largest democracy in the world with more than 260 million inhabitants and 190 million voters. As for the year 2019 Indonesia will focus its diplomacy in the United Nations Security Council as president of non-permanent members and has also officially submitted its candidacy to be member of United Nations Human Rights Council for the period 2020-2022.

Italy and Indonesia have been enjoying a stable partnership setting up a mechanism of bilateral cooperation through the Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Consultation, signed in Rome on 4 March 2009. Cooperation in the field of Defense between the Republic of Indonesia and Italy has included an umbrella agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding on Defense Cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and Security of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Defense of the Italian Republic.

In the field of economic and trade cooperation there’s a stedy growth in the recent years. According to Indonesian statistics, Indonesia and Italy recorded the total amount of more than 3,5 billion USD in 2017. In the period from January to October 2018 the two countries settled a total trade of 3.19 billion USD, about 10.84 per cent increase compared to the same period of the previous year. Both years marked a surplus on Indonesian side. Indonesia and Italy are encouraged to expand markets in strategic industry and the country’s national oil and gas company signed a cooperation agreement in developing green refinery with Italian ENI.

For the investment, in 2017, the value of Italy’s investment in Indonesia reached 64 million USD. President Joko Widodo’s reform plan has been able to elevate Indonesia’s economic status to “investment grade” as the three majr rating agencies (Moody’s, S&P’s and Fitch) confirmed last year. Last but not least, Italy is the fifth largest contributors of European tourists to Indonesia with more than 90 thousand visitors from Italy.

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